Growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations provides both opportunities and challenges. Doing business simply does not stop at the border. Our clients demand international support and advice. Our clients want us to be connected, and so do we!

Lennox is a Dutch boutique law firm specialising in (complex) commercial and corporate litigation for both national and international business clients. Lennox is versed in providing advice on Dutch (procedural) law in the context of or in order to prevent litigation. We are a team of internationally experienced lawyers and represent our clients in state courts, (international) arbitrations and out-of-court negotiations. What does this mean, in clear language? We help when there’s a legal need, or we know someone who can help.

Our approach
We work in small teams, which means involvement of partners and senior attorneys who are fully committed and add value. This increases efficiency, and saves on time and costs.

We are Amsterdam-based and fully independent. But with a strong global network: we’ve been around and continue to take responsibility for developing relationships with top-tier law firms all over the world that share our values, high standards and commitment to clients. This enables us to support our clients across the globe, and to provide the most adequate services.

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/ Attorney / partner

Gerard founded Lennox Litigation in 2021 and relies on 30 years of experience in dispute resolution. Before founding Lennox, Gerard was partner at various top tier law firms in the Netherlands and headed the litigation practice of DLA Piper’s Amsterdam office.


Gerard is a highly experienced litigation lawyer, managing a commercial and corporate litigation practice with a strong international focus. In addition to his broad experience in litigation, Gerard focuses on domestic and international insurance and liability law, including product and professional liability. He particularly focusses on professional indemnity and cross border issues. His clients include banks, financial institutions, insurers, and government authorities.


Gerard’s expertise is frequently sought by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. He is also a lawyer-member of the Dutch Disciplinary Appeals Tribunal.