Areas of expertise

We possess extensive experience and expertise in the following areas of the law:

  • commercial disputes (including disputes about contracts, product liability and agency and distribution matters);
  • business acquisition disputes;
  • companies’ internal disputes (including disputes with and between shareholders);
  • professional liability (and disciplinary law) of accountants, attorneys and tax lawyers;
  • directors’ and officers’ liability;
  • insurance law;
  • civil procedural law (including attachment and execution law);
  • private international law;
  • arbitration and all associated matters, including setting-aside proceedings, requests for enforcement, etc.;
Examples of some of our past and ongoing cases:
  • handling an international product liability case for a multinational in the chemical industry;
  • assisting the owner of a food and beverage establishment in a dispute with a brewery;
  • representing a contractor in a case revolving around damaged cables and pipelines;
  • handling a dispute about the correct interpretation of insurance policy conditions;
  • assisting advisers in a dispute concerning a business acquisition;
  • fighting an arbitral award in setting-aside proceedings;
  • handling an international professional liability case for a civil-law notary who had assisted with a cross-border transaction;
  • representing a former executive of a healthcare company who was being held liable by a vendor;
  • enforcing an arbitral award against Libya;
  • representing a foreign (European) state that had been summoned in proceedings in the Netherlands, in a case involving questions of immunity;
  • representing a non-Dutch shareholder (an institutional investor) in the settlement of the Fortis class action;
  • assisting a German Mittelstand company in an international commercial dispute against a Dutch multinational;
  • conducting arbitration proceedings about an internal dispute within a professional partnership;