Areas of expertise

Disputes in which we can assist

  • Takeover and commercial disputes (including contract, product liability, agency and distribution disputes) and intra-company disputes (including shareholder disputes);
  • Professional liability (and disciplinary law) of accountants, lawyers and tax specialists;
  • Directors’ liability;
  • Insurance, private international and civil procedural law (including attachment and enforcement law);
  • Arbitrations and what is related, such as annulment proceedings, exequatur requests, et cetera.

Solutions in which we have contributed

  • International product liability case for a chemicals multinational;
  • Assisting counsel in a dispute relating to an acquisition;
  • Exequatur proceedings against Libya;
  • Acted for a European state that had been subpoenaed to the Dutch courts; immunity issues;
  • Acted for a foreign shareholder (institutional investor) in the settlement of the Fortis collective action;
  • Assisted German company in an international trade dispute against a Dutch multinational.