Welcome to Lennox Litigation. Our Amsterdam-based law firm specialises in commercial and corporate litigation.

Your business dispute, resolved. That’s what we stand for. Without litigation and preserving the relationship if possible; through the courts if unavoidable. Even then, your case is in good hands with us, because litigation is in our DNA. But whichever route you take, our approach is always solution-oriented and therefore efficient – in energy, time and money.


We are Lennox Litigation, an Amsterdam boutique firm specializing in commercial and corporate litigation for the business market.


Our lawyers combine years of specialist experience with practical know-how. We work in small, agile teams to ensure short lines of communication and high partner availability. In everything we do, we apply the human touch.


We are proud to put our network at your disposal. They are all professionals with whom you are in equally good hands. So if you are facing an (imminent) business dispute, we can help you or we know someone who can. Because left or right: Your business dispute, resolved. That’s our drive.